London Born

London born May 1992, 5'2" powerhouse vocalist Georgia Napolitano has been singing since the age of 4 and was without a doubt born to sing. She has lived in the USA for over 20 years. By age 18 she had performed the National Anthem to over 40,000 people at Fenway Park, The Mayor of Austin proclaimed November 19th, 2009 as Georgia Napolitano Day and she has the lead vocal credit on a BillBoard Top 10 TSO release! Commonly known as a triple threat, Georgia's voice moves people and she leaves a lasting impression wherever she goes. Many say she is like the girl next door yet mysterious and unattainable.

Georgia Napolitano

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Georgia has performed in arena's Worldwide to millions of people. Paul O'Neill founder of the Trans Siberian Orchestra described her as a timeless/classic performer but also gave her the nickname of "Spitfire" which she has tattooed on her wrist.

2020 marks 10 years since she first stepped on the TSO stage to sing “Promises To Keep”, “Canon”, and “Queen Of The Winter Night” for the very first time. "I actually find it hard to put into words what this journey has meant to me. The people, the music, the places we’ve been. It’s all still just as mind-blowing as the very first day I stepped foot into the arena." says Georgia.

She has been inspired greatly, challenged in so many ways but what has changed her the most are the people. Georgia has been moved by countless families, stories and situations along the way that have demonstrated such strength, unconditional love and kindness. Being a part of TSO has very much restored a lot of faith in her heart when it comes to the kindness of humanity. Georgia said " This is something that Paul O’Neill engraved in our hearts and I carry with me wherever I go. Things have changed over the past 10 years. We have lost some of the greatest souls this world has ever known but how lucky are we to have known them? I feel blessed today. Grateful and blessed as I reflect on the past 10 years. It’s been more than a dream and I’m so thankful to every single one of you that has been a part of this journey. So magical"

Georgia Napolitano

Song Writer

For some people, the search for purpose is seemingly a lifelong journey. They might try many different things before discovering what it is they have passion for, if ever at all. This was NOT the case for Georgia. From the day she was born she has been entertaining people, and as soon as she found her voice she started to sing. Her childhood was abundant with performances and accolades. In 2010 Georgia was picked up by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and that is when her music career really took off and became solidified. She has traveled all over the world performing to millions of people. Paul O’Neill (founder of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra) heard and saw vocal and personality traits in Georgia that he admired. With his guidance and encouragement, Georgia's stage presence and vocal abilities developed over the years.

As her confidence grew, so did her desire for individual expression. Georgia started writing songs by experimenting with her own style and sound. After years of song writing experience, Georgia has landed in a sonic space that is soulful and emotionally connected. Painting audible pictures with a vivid emotional pallet, she takes the listener on a journey through moments in her life with each song. There's a playful childlike side to Georgia that comes through in her more pop oriented songs. There is also a deep old soul that channels an angelic interpretation of lyrics and melodies reminiscent of artists from years ago. It's this beautiful blend that makes Georgia unique and intriguing to listeners of all ages, from all walks of life. Her journey is always in motion and it's her greatest joy to bring you, the fans, along with her to share the experience.

It's finally the right time and we are so excited as Georgia releases her first debut EP Worth The Wait on December 15th featuring 5 original songs :

1: Now I Am
2: Trust Thing
3: Till The End
4: Complicated
5: Make A Change

This will be the first of many and we are so excited the world is finally hearing her original music.

Georgia Napolitano